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[ Also i can't belive i have to say this but STOP COMPARING PATTER TO REN FROM 14 DAYS WITH YOU. i don't like my characters being compare because of, what ? pink hair ? it's ridiculous and the creator of 14dwy does not like it when you compare their games to anyone else. You're breaking two boundaries at once, stop it. ]

Your mail carrier is new in your neighborhood and they look friendly ! 

But... They also seem to be hiding something...


a little game i made for the 2023 yanjam ! This game take place in a different universe of another game of mine (which means that a lot of questions are going to be left unanswered, please understand).

This game include:

- 2 CGS

- 7 Endings

- 3k Words

- A yandere (They/Them pronoun)


















There are a reason why i left some questions unanswered:

• This take place in another universe of another game of mine - which isn't completed and it would be spoiler to reveal who it is that Patter is talking about. (If you're over the age of 18 and is curious enough however, you're free to go to Patter's tumblr blog to get answer)

• This is a game where this particular character exist, im not giving you all of the story. Im planning to do that on the other game.


All images uses belong to Stock Image and Pixabay.

All Music is from Dova Syndrome

Textbox design is inspired by 14 Days With You. (cause someone was complaining about it)

Special Thanks to Lily for helping me with the GUI <333

Updated 4 days ago
Published 8 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(38 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsHorror, Ren'Py, Short, yandere, yanjam


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Honestly,  i didn't enjoy it.

I feel like the story could've been changed in a bit of ways 

I think it's a unique switch-up from the most common type of yandere, it's a very interesting concept in my opinion! 

Loved the game!! Patter's design is so cute, I'm curious who they're interested in since not the protagonist. Also I loved the art soo much, and liked how you even added the protagonist in certain scenes :)

This game is pretty neat. I've played several yandere games and this one didn't disappoint either. 10/10


I helped edit the script on this, so I knew what was going to happen, but even so. I love this little game and how it plays out. The twist is excellent and something fresh that has become rare in yandere VNs. I adore Nick's other games. He's passionate, creative and really strives to tell neat stories with fun characters (with fun designs!) I look forward to the future and what else he has in store.


I love this!! I've only been following for just a little while but I really enjoy all of your games. Your artstyle is among my faves and I had fun going back to get all the endings. It was interesting to play a game where you get to be the target of the yandere vs the object of their desires. Patter is so cute even tho they want mc gone 😭 


Love your game! The idea of a yandere in this fashion is incredibly executed and I'm extremely impressed as how quickly you got it out!

I also enjoyed working with you on the GUI! <33 glad my icons could be of use to you!


ngl dude this reminds me a lot of 14dwy bc of the font, the navigation design at the bottom, the edited back grounds and the zero effort endings. its giving copycat syndrome and not in a good way 🤪


saint, the developer of 14DWY, assisted this developer in the development and GUI of this game. but sure.


then why aren't they credited as well or mentioned anywhere



I'm not sure what you mean about the navigation design at the bottom, since I'm the one who made those icons! ^^ they are pretty standard save/load/play icons due to that needing to be recognizable across game types!

The edited backgrounds are also very different from 14dwy.

Also if you actually cared you would realize that Saint the developer of 14dwy doesn't want people comparing and tearing down other developers because of their game. :)


im not talking about the icons because you can get them anywhere online im talking about the style of the navigation design. they both have the black bar with a color on top with white icons in the corner. even the semi transparent box with the exact same font and speaker name look the same. its obvious that their similar and it looks like a blatant rip off from 14dwy. 🫢

and  i couldn't care less what the creator says its not right to steal designs from them without giving credit. and theres a difference between owning a design and intellectual property. yes, 14dwy doesnt own these designs but its the only one who uses it. its like taking the nike logo and changing its color but you still know its nike because its familiar to you. they also dont own check marks but you know the brand when you see it. does that make sense? 🙄✋


Black Bar with White Icons, very common so that you can see the actual icons, it's a contrast thing for design in simple games.

The color bar is set so you can see a difference. Most ren'py games in this genre including my own has a colored bar somewhere near the text box for interest to remain in the area and break it up a bit.

Semi transparent box? Yes. This is actually a ren'py DEFAULT. Ren'py by DEFAULT uses a transparent black box for text.

Please don't talk about things you're not knowledgeable in as it can genuinely hurt indie game developers.

Especially if the creator of the game you're claiming it stole from is friends with, enjoys, and supports this game without any issue! They're an adult who can say something if they think it's wrong. Don't speak on their behalf please! ❤️


dude i'm not talking about the icons or the bars by itself 🙄 looking at the entire design as a whole appears exactly like 14 days with you's layout. that is what i'm saying. no one is flaming anyone for using white icons or a black bar but when you put it together with the colored bar on top like that, they look the same. i don't look at your design and think “hm yes this looks like love letter” because there's a big mcfucking difference. but there's not much difference between love letter and 14 days with you. that is what i'm talking about so focus on that instead of talking about something unrelated.

and i would love to see links to examples of games where there's a black bar, with white icons, a colored bar on top, with a transparent background and the exact same font. but don't give me examples of games that have only one or two of these elements, thanks 🙃✋

and wtf? don't assume i'm some idiot with no knowledge in this. thats pretentious and not a good look for you 🫢 i've used Renpy before and i've played enough visual novels on itch to have a decent understanding. your no better than i am if you have to act so conceited like that.

any ways it looks like the creator really did draw inspiration from 14 days with you, so i was correct in my assumption. they knowingly took inspiration from one game and finally gave credit where it's due. its giving shady with how there's no link like the rest of the credits but idrc. 🤪✌️ it's done and i'm ready to move on already, so let's drop the issue now that it's been resolved.


Dude... it's just text boxes. Why out of all the things you could pick apart, why is this the one thing you hone in on???


Aren't games made in the same engine going to look similar anyway?? Like you can google the font and get it for free, it's also like a simple and accessible font for reading? But yeah double down 🤪✌️


I responded to each of your points individually since you put them down individually. It also helps to break down reasoning in things, especially when Nick has stated before that he takes inspiration from his friends games because the graphical design qualities are good!

I assumed you didn't know what you were talking about since you only started commenting on itchio today, don't have any released games, and didn't realize it's a common ren'py textbox and a free Google font! That's my bad ^^

It is done and over with because all three of us are tired! Saint, Nick and I don't know why you're upset. Friends can use other friends as inspiration! It's okay! Not everything has to be perfectly original and the designs and content of the games are different enough for it to not be an issue!

I'm not sure why a textbox has hurt you this deeply but maybe it'd be a good idea to not act like an entitled middle schooler trying to start fights with someone who has literally no reason to be nice and explain things to you from the inside perspective seeing as I know both people you're complaining about and you don't ❤️


Ignore them or even block them. This person is just looking for a fight


You're white knighting for Saint when she has said, many times, she doesn't like it when people try to defend her game for her, ESPECIALLY at the expense of other indie devs. She has said before she is fine with people, friends and not, using her game as inspiration. If she DOES have a problem, she'll address it herself personally. I'm friends with Nick and Saint, and many other of the yan vn devs, and I can say with confidence that Saint gave her blessing for this game. 

You are literally arguing against the wishes of the 14dwy creator, the same one you're trying to defend. You have many people shutting down your arguments. You've started this mess just for it's own sake. It's time to leave it alone.


oh my god PLEASE get over yourself. you play a singular VN with a certain COMMON textbox design then see another one and think the first VN has the design patented. like do you think they did it first and literally nobody has thought of doing it like, EVER? cmon now. get your head out of your ass.


You're not bringing any valid criticisms to the table. It's one thing if you genuinely care about the game and want to help the game dev improve on what they can fix within the game. But this is just nitpicking for nitpickings sake and sounds more like you're trying to garner attention than anything. It's also been stated multiple times that Ren'py has a default layout as well as been explained why certain choices have been made. No one agree's with you. Now shoo shoo.


"zero effort endings" rude as hell considering 14dwy is .... a demo and unfinished.....


"zero effort endings" are u implying that 14DWY is low effort??

dawg u better take that back rn i'm warning you for your own good u don't wanna mess with the yan community lolol

(2 edits) (+9)

Man look at this clown trying to be so uNiQuE and dIfFeRenT 🤡🤡🤡🤡Maaaaaan I'll hate the thing that everyone likes so that I will be the shining white knight for someone who doesn't ask for it at all!!!!!! I AM SO MIGHTY LOOK AT ME BEING SOOOOO BRAVE AND HATEFUL, SO MANY PEOPLE DISAGREE WITH ME BUT IT'S NOT BECAUSE I AM WRONG AT ALL, I'M A CLOWN HOW WILL I SEE THAT LMAOOOOOO 🤪🤪🤪🤪 What do you mean zero effort endings? Were you there when the developer was making their content? I know how much effort the developer has put in to this game, basically was there from the start to finish. You have no right to push your bs judgments on people if they are not helpful at all and well, you are not helpful, you're a disgusting, pathetic clown


Hiya, I'm the creator of 14DWY!! 💕 What I'm not the creator of, however, is the "Varela Round" font, the navigation design, editing backgrounds, and "zero effort" endings.

I've once publicly stated that I don't mind if people copy or draw inspiration from me, and I've also publicly shared all of 14DWY's assets for anyone to use on Discord. So please don't white knight on my behalf without getting the full context first >.<

I'm also very good friends with the developer, and I don't see this as "copying" 14DWY in any way at all. People are welcome to take inspiration from my game, and while it's always nice to be given acknowledgement, giving credit for it absolutely not necessary. What is necessary, however, is minding your own business and not baselessly accusing someone of "stealing" without clarifying it with me first.

Also!! Seeing as I now own text boxes, my first decree is that ponponchu can do whatever they want with their game without being accused of stealing. My second decree is that you grow up and stop harassing innocent people who are only trying to have fun. Please delete your messages as they're extremely rude and disrespectful, and it's not something I'd ever want a fan of 14DWY to be known for.


You definitely give off asshole vibes. Do you have any friends? Is that why you feel the need to shit on others? Is that why you're nitpicking every little thing Nick has done? Or if you do have friends, I'm sure they would love to know you enjoy being a flat out liar and two faced son of a bitch that loves putting down indie developers. Do you happen to know Nick personally? Do you know the developers personally? No? Then shut the fuck up and stop whiteknighting. Stop assuming shit about Nick and what that boy has done. What is it with you people here and ON FUCKING TUMBLR doing this shit to Nick. All Nick has done was try to create a game with his beloved characters that he created and all of our communities love. Can people like not do things without EVERYONE FUCKING ASSUMING HE'S RIPPING OFF ON THEM? Also no, he doesn't necessarily have to credit Saint for the God damn font BECAUSE IT IS LITERALLY A FREE GOOGLE FONT YOU CAN USE! Also I doubt you even actually played his game given the fact you can't even see the differences in his games overall. You're an asshole through and through.


I cant seem to download it can u help


i make an account to ask but why the new design looks like 14 days with you ;; even the font appears the same


tl;dr the assets used in 14DWY are publicly available for anyone to use, including the fonts. it's not fair to compare these two games specifically when there's other games made in renpy that i'm very sure have a similar style/layout. please don't compare the two works; it's upsetting to both the creator of 14DWY and the creator of Love Letter. :)


Mannn this was an interesting visual novel! It plays like all the rest but the story took a quick turn. It's also a humbling experience that's for sure... Love the design as always and I wonder if we'll see Patter in the actual canon timeline or if Patter exists solely in this alternate universe?? Either way, truly humbling and brings a bit more realism to the horrors of yanderes. Because so many peeps be saying yanderes are romantic, like no, I've always connected yanderes to horror and this just proves it. Great work on this little one~!!


I mean people simp for yanderes because they are fake. Just wanted to tell you that as someone who likes yanderes. 

Obviously can't speak for all^^


Don't worry! I also simp for yanderes and I know that people do so because of factors. The one thing I'm worried about is how easy it can be taken to extreme, where people fully believe that a "yandere relationship" is like, an ideal love. It may be due to my experiences on how fanatic people can be, but I'm always worried for others. Other than that, as long as people are aware of the limits and have self-awareness, they can simp a lot!


I see i understand you now :D

I guess most people who lack self awareness are probably a little bit young and probably will grow out of it eventually ^^


i dont like, why the true end is the end we die? this dont make sense, and the honey hotline? sorry but i get really disapoint with this true end



It's an AU of Honey Hotline. Nick wanted to tell a story that's different from the usual flair of a yandere VN, and you may not personally like it (which is fine) but that doesn't mean it's bad or disappointing. Just not to your tastes. 

i saw it before haha, thats ok, is nice have another perpective

Yeah everyone has different tastes when it comes to games. No one is more or less valid than anyone else when it comes to those tastes. (:


the zip file for mac seems to be broken, i cannot unzip it

i had the same problem i tried chmod on it but that didnt work either


same here🥲i dunno why

i just reuploaded the mac file ! try to see if its ok now 

yes it works now, thank you!


This was a lot of fun to play, I love the artstyle and you manage to include so much in such a short space of time. Also love the angle the story took with Patter, it's a really unique take compared to most Yandere visual novels I've played. 



omg the stalker has a stalker

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first time playing ya game


Is Honey hotline and this game connected? I have some saves from honey hotline showing in this game

it is connected but only as an alternative universe !! let me try to see if it have anything to do with the option code !


Hah my instinct is right! I haven't play it yet but currently loading hihi I'll come back later. Its cute tho, the sprite


I found you only like 3 days ago but goddamn if I don't love you already!! I just love yanderes lmao (plus your art is GORGEOUS!!!)

Also thank you for making the LI non binary, it's just nice to see since it's rare.


aaa thank you !!! im so glad you've enjoyed my stuffs so far !! and yea i love making my characters enby/genderneutral cause i have trouble giving them gender tbh ajzjsj


You have a new game out already :0 ? Im sure this would be amazing but you should take a lil break if making some of these VN's stress you out or something, don't break ur back lol but anyway love ur games <3


aaa thank you sm !! i try not to stress myself too much, just a little too hyperfocus eheheeh <333